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Rating: 8.61 | Votes: 44

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Submitted by Unknown
This book inspired me to fast for 14 days. As a result my body regained its normal state of homeostasis (balance)
and I no longer required hypertension medication. It rekindled my willingness to meditate regularly (TM) and to rise early.
It has directed me to perfect health in every respect. A great book!

Submitted by Unknown
Siddhartha is hands down the best book I have ever read in my life. It's teaching and the way Siddhartha helps you in your life is fantastic. I cannot think of any other book that I have read in my life that has taugt me so much about myself and other people. I love this book so much and I hope that everyone will have a chance to read this book in their life. Please pick up a copy today and do yourself a favor!

Submitted by Unknown
This wonderfully crafted novel shows us to lead a life of our own path, which varies from each individual to another. The book is very well written challenges us (the reader) to reach enlightenment from within.

Submitted by Unknown
Quite simply, the best book I've ever read. It's so simple but deep and reads like holy book or Rumi poems. The author was a poet himself which helps infuse his lyricism and depth. Simply beautiful and true. The closest thing to Nirvana!